The recent news that Mallory Penfield Tripp has lost her battle with cancer is sad for those of us who knew her in the Lafayette Democratic Club. She and her husband Minot (who died ten years ago,) were very active in local politics here and when they moved to Point Richmond.
We remember and thank Mallory and Minot for their tireless efforts for Democrats.

It is with sadness we have read of the death of Dr. Robert Suczet. His wife, Barbara and he have been long-time members of our club, again dating to the time it was the Lafayette Democratic Club. Our condolences to to Barbara and their family.

It is also with sadness that we have read of the death of Joshua, “Josh,” Stanley who was a cowboy, WW11 veteran, perpetual New-Deal Democrat, globe-trotting peace activist and long-time Orinda resident and member of our club.