Many of you had the exciting opportunity to meet Nadia McCaffrey last Spring when she presented her ideas before the Lamorinda Democratic Club for a “Veterans’ Village,” a self-sustaining counseling and job-training center for armed forces members returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. You might recall the heartbreaking story about Nadia’s son having been killed by the very Iraqi forces he was training and how Nadia is now, as a veteran hospice nurse, devoting her life to helping other young men and women returning from the battlefield.

Nadia called with tremendous excitement to let our club know that her dream is becoming a reality. Since she spoke with us at the beginning of her quest, she has been on the Today Show and many other major network news shows.

As a result, land and money are being donated all over the country to help Nadia’s dream become a reality.

In our backyard, for example, a donation of land and a four-story building in Guerneville, means that 19 returning combat veterans will have an opportunity to resume civilian life, receiving counseling and job training while also having the opportunity to work in area vineyards.

Please consider visiting our website and reading about Veterans’ Village and making a donation to this very worthwhile cause. Please consider asking friends and family members to make their holiday gifts to this 501(c)3 organization today as well.