Friday, February 8th, 2008
Contra Coste Times staff writer: Lisa Vorderbrueggen

Moraga Turns Blue

Moraga, the final Republican holdout in a region trending Democratic, statistically turned blue this week.The small town in the heart of Lamorinda for the first time on Monday had more registered Democrats than Republicans, the Lamorinda Democratic Club reported.Moraga is the last Lamorinda city to switch from Republican to Democrat in registration advantage, although the parties remain within 5 percentage points of each other. Lafayette and Orinda flopped in 2005.

Here’s what the club put out to its members this week:


PARTY 1/25/08 10/8/07

Democratic 4,019 39.24% 3,709 38.62%

Republican 3,959 38.65% 3,850 40.09%

DTS 1897 18.52% 1704 17.74%

AI 165 1.61% 158 1.65%

Green 64 0.62% 62 0.65%

Lib 56 0.55% 48 0.50%

New LDC Members John Hall and Marie Kahn are Making a Huge Difference in Our Community!
This remarkable achievement would never have been possible without the inspiration, hard work and brilliance of both John Hall of Lafayette and Marie Kahn of Moraga. Together, these relatively new Lamorinda Democratic Club members created a professional precinct mobilization program that would be the envy of any presidential candidate’s machine. Over 250 volunteers are now knocking on neighbor’s doors, holding pizza parties, and otherwise creating and maintaining Democratic communities in our backyard. It is now not only cool to be a Democrat—-it’s community-building. Please take the time to thank John and Marie for their hard work and contributions to our community and if you are not already involved in the effort to turn out Democratic voters in your neighborhood while getting to know your neighbors, ask how you can get involved. Thank you, John and Marie!