We do not have a club meeting in August. The next club meeting will be Thursday, September 17th


NOTICE:The LDC is not yet endorsing candidates for the Democratic nomination for any contested office. We do, however, want to alert our members when a significant candidate is in or is important to the Lamorinda area.In this season of the Congressional District 10 primary we have asked all the campaigns to keep us informed of any events in the Lamorinda area. If this announcement seems one sided it is because either there are no other events or we have not been notified of any other events of interest to members of the Lamorinda Democratic Club.
To view the upcoming events click here.

Two Congressional District 10 canidate forums were captured on video so if you missed them you can watch them here
Contra Costa & Bay Area Councils on 8/7 at the Concord Crowne Plaza about 1hour 32 minutes
St. Mary’s Collage on 8/11