During the Lamorinda Democratic Club’s Board of Directors retreat this summer, we spent a considerable amount of time discussing how we can best fulfill our mission of informing our members and residents of the Lamorinda region about Democratic issues, values, and candidates.

One result of these conversations was a determination to expand and enhance our communications activities.

A part of this new communications initiative is to change the focus of the club’s web site, www.ldclub.org, so it now features regular posts about local, state, and national politics written by me and other club members. You, along with all of our members, can submit story ideas or comment about what is posted there. We hope you will visit often! We want our web site to include more than just notices about our meetings!

The web site also includes a calendar of events featuring not just what our club has planned, but also other events in our region of interest our members and other Democrats. We also have included information on the club’s endorsed issues and candidates to help you as you prepare to research the candidates and issues before casting your November 2 election ballot.

The club’s Board also discussed ways to get our messages out in the letters to the editor sections of our local newspapers and web sites. If you are interested in helping to counter the right-wing focus of our local letters to the editor sections, please let me know at our September 16 meeting or send me an email at president (at) ldclub (dot) org.

We will also be expanding our Facebook page and looking at other ways to use social media to reach out to younger voters—an underrepresented demographic within our club’s membership.

I hope you will visit our web site and share your ideas about the improvements we have made. I hope you will find it a useful information hub worthy of repeated return visits and of sharing with your friends and networks.

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