With Labor Day past, it’s now time for the Jerry Brown for Governor campaign to start competing on television. Here’s his first television ad.

Robert Cruickshank over on Calitics provides an astute analysis of the ad and one of Brown’s controversial pledges: for no new taxes without voter approval. He writes:

Of course, as we see in the ad, Brown is doing this by positioning himself in the supposed center of California politics. He is distancing himself from, and perhaps running at the expense of, progressives with his high profile “no new taxes without voter approval” pledge, which Calbuzz rightly predicts will become a focal point of the race.

That pledge has already begun to receive strong criticism from progressives, who recognize that California badly needs higher taxes, especially on the wealthy, in order to generate economic growth and provide for equality and opportunity in our state. However, it’s worth noting that Brown is not taking a Meg Whitman perspective that all taxes are bad and should be opposed. In fact, he is providing progressives with an opportunity to generate the revenue we need to provide economic security to Californians.

The November 2 election is only 56 days away. It’s time for Democrats to swing into action.

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