On her second anniversary broadcast, Rachel Maddow does a great job holding House Minority Leader John Boehner accountable for leading the GOP’s fight against the Wall Street bailout today, even though he passionately voted for it then.

Maddow uses this new invention called “video” to show how Boehner asked his colleagues, while tearing up (literally), to do what is best for the country and vote to pass the bailout measure. Then she compares that video with the new commercials Republicans are airing now attacking the bailout.



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Is part of the Democratic plan to make the House Minority Leader, the so-called “Speaker-in-Waiting” an issue? Are we going to see the Democrats try to stop the revision of political history and remind voters what actually happened and how Republicans are now campaigning against policies they previously supported? Will Congressional Democrats start pointing out the details of the radical Republican agenda?

Good. It’s a start.

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