At its September 16 meeting, the members of the Lamorinda Democratic Club voted to endorse the following candidates and positions on statewide propositions. The candidates join the list of previously endorsed candidates.

The LDC’s endorsement process begins with deliberations by our club’s Candidates and Issues Committees. Those committees then make recommendations to the club’s Board of Directors. The Board then can bring the recommendations to the full club for a vote.

Statewide Candidates:
Gavin Newsom, California Lt. Governor
Kamala Harris, California Attorney General
Susan Bonilla, Assembly 11th District
Dave Jones, State Insurance Commissioner

Contra Costa Candidate:
Dan O’Malley, District Attorney

City Councils:
Brandt Andersson, Lafayette City Council
Mike Menesini, Martinez City Council
Kathi McLaughlin, Martinez City Council
Dean Orr, Orinda City Council
Amy Worth, Orinda City Council
Kristina Lawson, Walnut Creek City Council

School Boards:
Art Kapoor, Lafayette School District
Berch Parker, Lafayette School District
Brian Lawrence, Mt Diablo Unified School District
Linda Mayo, Mt Diablo Unified School District
Lynne Dennler, Mt Diablo Unified School District
Juliane Rossiter, Orinda Union School District
Sarah Butler, Orinda Union School District
Tyson Krumholz, Orinda Union School District

Special Districts:
Sandra Bonato, Pleasant Hill Rec & Park District
Michael McGill, Central Contra Costa Sanitary District
Deborah Hinkson, Central Contra Costa Sanitary District

Statewide Propositions:
Proposition 21 (State Parks Vehicle Surcharge): Support
Proposition 23 (Suspend AB 32 Climate Change Law): Oppose
Proposition 24 (Tax Fairness Act): Support
Proposition 25 (Simple Majority Vote for State Budget): Support
Proposition 26 (Polluter Protection 2/3 Vote for Fees): Oppose

You can see the Lamorinda Democratic Club’s entire endorsement list in the web site’s right-hand column.

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