Rep. Jerry McNerney for CongressIn Lamorinda, we care about our public schools. We know how important a top-notch education is for every California student.

That is why I believe all of us should take a moment to read an explosive story by  Mother Jones' Nick Baumann about how Congressmember Jerry McNerney's opponent, David Harmer, has advocated eliminating public schools entirely.

Baumann has found an August 27, 2000 San Francisco Chronicle op-ed,"Abolish the Public Schools," in which Harmer wrote that "government should exit the business of running and funding schools."

Harmer is trying to hide these extreme views during this campaign. Make sure you let your friends in the 11th Congressional District know the radical conservative record Harmer is trying to conceal. 

Click here to visit Rep. Jerry McNerney's reelection campaign web site and find out more about what you can do to volunteeror contribute to his effort to make defeat David Harmer on election day. 

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