Over on Calitics, Robert Cruickshank warns that a radical conservative has received clearance to circulate petitions to place an SB 1070-style anti-immigration measure on the California ballot. As Cruickshank explains, the strategy is quite clear:

Here we go again. As we learned in 1994 with Prop 187, 1996 with Prop 209, and in 2008 with Prop 8, the ballot box is not the best place to protect rights. Prop 187 passed by a 2-1 margin in '94. I worry about what would happen if this got on a CA ballot.

Especially if that ballot were the February 2012 presidential primary ballot. My understanding is that if this initiative qualifies by April 21, 2011, it would indeed be on that ballot.

That's a big problem. The February 2012 primary will have a massively Republican electorate – President Obama is likely to not face serious opposition for renomination, whereas the right will be having quite a spirited contest to determine who in their rogue's gallery will get sent against Obama in the fall. Of all the ballots that I would NOT want to see this initiative on, it would be that ballot.

For now, there does not seem to be any money behind this effort. We need to be vigilant on this issue in case some rich person or organization decides to make it happen.

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