CalBuzz has an outstanding analysis of the real Ronald Reagan, noting that unlike those who claim to follow his example, Reagan understood part of his job was to negotiate towards the end of eventually cutting a deal.

From his days as California’s governor, when he backed what was then the largest tax increase in state history as part of a bipartisan budget agreement, to the world-changing agreements on nuclear arms reduction he forged with Mikhail Gorbachev, Reagan managed to maintain his commitment to his  conservative principles while finding ways to cut acceptable deals with Democrats in the Legislature and the Congress.

His approach contrasts with the current crop of ideologues, from Washington to Wisconsin and Sacramento, who sneer at the concept of compromise and dismiss the idea of negotiation, the twin foundations of governance that have long made representative democracy work.

CalBuzz also reminds us how elections matter by noting that the leader of the Republican "no vote" caucus in Sacramento won an election against a liberal candidate by 57 votes out of more 415,000 cast. That close election didn't make the winner, Sen. Tony Strickland, more moderate.

It's an analysis, and history lesson, well worth considering.

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