Assemblymember Nancy Skinner believes Californians should have the right to vote on whether temporary taxes should be continued to help close the budget deficit. The text of her letter follows:

Dear Friend,

In these difficult times, I've heard from thousands of Assembly District 14 residents on how to address our $26.5 billion deficit, almost a third of our state budget.

In three forums, many of you took the "California Budget Challenge" and told me what a budget reflecting your values and vision for the future of the Golden State would look like. By large majorities, you supported extending existing taxes that are scheduled to expire.

Democrats have led the way in making the tough choices that have reduced the state's remaining budget shortfall. But Californians deserve to have both parties be part of the solution. Republican legislators irresponsibly opposed both making cuts and letting Californians vote on these tax extensions.

Not a single Republican legislator voted to allow you to decide on continuing these taxes.

Republicans need to hear your anger. I strongly encourage you to contact your friends and family who live in Republican areas of the state. Tell them to reach out to their legislators to say, “Let the voters decide.”

As I work along with my colleagues to balance our budget, I hope you can take the time to help sway Republican legislators to support solutions rather than fail to act on problems.


Nancy Skinner

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