A new poll by Tulchin Research shows that 78 percent of respondents strongly or somewhat supported adding a one percent tax to the state's highest one percent of income earners to help balance the state budget. This Tulchin Research graphic tells the story:

A Tulchin Research's poll analysis explains, the support for this idea was large and bipartisan:

Given the recent events in Sacramento that saw budget negotiations collapse  and efforts launched to find a Plan B, a recent statewide survey of likely voters in California has discovered a proposal that could help solve the state’s budget mess  – raising taxes on the wealthy. Notably,  the poll finds overwhelming support from California voters for a proposal to raise income taxes by 1% on the top 1% of Californians – known as “1% on the 1%” – in order to help balance the state budget and prevent deeper cuts to essential services.

This survey, sponsored by the California Federation of Teachers, could prove to be an element of a "Plan B" to resolve the remaining state budget deficit after legislative Republicans refused to allow California voters to have the opportunity to vote on whether to extend temporary taxes and help avoid deep cuts to education and even more devastating cuts to our social safety net.

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