Redistricting Partners has posted visualizations of what could be staff drafts of new Congressional, State Assembly, and State Senate Districts being considered by the Citizens Redistricting Commission. As the site notes:

The Citizen’s Redistricting Commission has posted some less-than-clear maps of staff direction during their line drawing meetings over the past few days.  We have taken many of these maps, imported them into maptitude with the PDI voter dataset, and have for you some new maps and analysis you can email around to your friends.  There are three sections;




Take a look at how Contra Costa could be redistricted by clicking on the links above. As you can see, Lamorinda is split in this visualization: with parts of Orinda in a district with Berkeley through West Contra Costa (now Asm. Joan Buchanan) and another part of Orinda in a district with parts of Alameda County (now Asm. Mary Hayashi). 

Lafayette and Moraga would find themselves in a district going down through Danville and San Ramon into the Tri-Valley (now Asm. Joan Buchanan). That latter district could be one of the state's battlegrounds: with Democrats holding a 40-35 percent registration advantage.

The Redistricting Commission is scheduled to release its draft lines on Friday, June 10. Needless to say, that will prove an important day in California politics–and it may even have an impact on the state budget negotiations as legislators see who their new voters may be.

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