California Republicans like to hit us over the head with the false meme that Texas is awesome. Republican legislators even did a photo-op tour to Texas to try to get the media to buy into this misleading thought. 

Well, then, how precisely do our GOP friends explain this headline: Texas lawmakers fail to solve big budget problems, punt tough decisions down the road.


The details are even worse.

Gov. Rick Perry signed a budget that was balanced only through accounting maneuvers, rewriting school funding laws, ignoring a growing population and delaying payments on bills coming due in 2013.

It accomplishes, however, what the Republican majority wanted most: It did not raise taxes, took little from the Rainy Day Fund and shifted any future deficits onto the next Legislature.

States across the nation faced major budget shortfalls this year, but none as big as Texas.

Well, I guess if you are a Republican legislator, this does sound like a Norquistian drown-the-government-in-the-bathtub nirvana.

So, perhaps we could all remember this the next time someone claims that all we need is a little more Texas to make California be governed more effectively.

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