Congressman George Miller will host a Question and Answer Session on National Education Policy in Pleasant Hill on Wednesday, August 24. The event will be held from 7-9 p.m. at the Parish Hall at Christ the King Church, 199 Brandon Road, Pleasant Hill.

Congressman’s remarks and the discussion will focus on these questions:

  • How can public schools best prepare the young generation for their future roles as citizens, parents, workers, and consumers and how can the Federal Government best support their efforts?
  • What does equity in public education mean?
  • How should assessment data be used?
  • Should federal mandates in public education be federally funded?
  • What are the ramifications to the country when a student chooses to drop-out? How can drop-out rates be reduced?
  • Should the Common Core Standards be mandated of the states in order to obtain federal funding? Should there be a national assessment aligned with Common Core Standards?

The Town Hall is co-sponsored by the Christ the King Social Justice Committee and the League of Women Voters Diablo Valley.

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