Disappointed in our President's performance?  Hoped he'd be our "Savior"?  Hey!  Political Saviors don’t  exist!  Obama is just our latest elected official – nothing more or less.  Without an overwhelming army of us – without our continued sweat and money to back him up: he’s alone.
Look what resources and determination our opponents have mustered and the damages they have wrought in Congress and state legislatures. They have created massive foreclosures, exported our jobs, destabilized financial markets, let our public educational institutions become second rate, made healthcare less available and more expensive, made our environmental protection less secure. On the other hand, compared to 60 years ago, the wealthiest 1% lowered their tax rates by over 35%, but increased their wealth by nearly 400%.  
What must we do?

  • stop whining
  • stop blaming others
  • mobilize & engage (volunteer for whatever you can and donate money for your favorite candidate or campaign)

We have options:

Or, you can sit on your hands and get more of the same. Just stop whining!

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