Assemblywoman Susan Bonilla, The National Energy Education Development (NEED) Project ,and GenOn Energy, Inc. are excited to announce the upcoming NEED Energy Workshop for K-12 educators on Wednesday, October 19, in Concord from 8 a.m.-3:30 p.m. at the Salvation Army Center, 3950 Clayton Road, Concord, CA.

This workshop will provide professional development opportunities for classroom teachers and to provide engaging and exciting energy curriculum for students in today’s classrooms.

Educators who participate in the workshop will receive a free NEED Science of Energy Kit to take back to their schools. The NEED Science of Energy Kit is designed to teach the concepts of force, motion, light, sound, heat, electricity, magnetism and energy transformations through hands-on activities. In addition, GenOn Energy and NEED will reimburse school districts for the cost of a substitute teacher and for the teacher participating in the workshop.

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