The Lamorinda Democratic Club's dues-paying members will have the opportunity to vote on three endorsement recommendations made by the Board of Directors during the club's business meeting on Thursday, April 12. The business meeting will begin no earlier than 7:15 p.m. and no later than 7:30 p.m.

The Board of Directors has voted to accept the Issues and Endorsements Committee's recommendation that the club endorse Assemblymember Joan Buchanan (who will begin representing our area after redistricting), Assemblymember Nancy Skinner (who has represented us the past four years) and a Least Toxic Pest Management Ordinance for Contra Costa County.
Contra Costa County Departments applied 12,000 pounds of pesticide products in 2011 along roadsides, creeks and in open spaces. This includes more than 4,000 pounds of the most threatening chemicals, termed “Bad Actor” pesticides.

Contra Costa County applies considerably more pesticides than Santa Clara, San Francisco, and Marin Counties combined.  Our county needs an ordinance that would create an incentive for county staff to decrease pesticide dependency and look to solutions already being used by neighboring counties.

The Ordinance will enable the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors to hold County staff accountable for unnecessary pesticide use.

That's why our club's Board of Directors recommends the club endorse Contra Costa implementing a Least Toxic Pest Management Ordinance like our neighboring counties have. The Ordinance should, at a minimum, include the following 8 items:

  •  Disclose where and when pesticides are being applied, including along the 120 miles of roadsides, 70 miles of flood control channels/creeks, empty lots, and in thousands of acres of open space.
  •  Post signs on the County website and at locations where pesticides will be applied, at least 48 hours prior to application. Signs shall remain posted for 1 month.
  •  Post original pesticide use reports within 2 weeks of pesticide application. Within 2 months, post all raw data, calculations and graph the pesticide use trends in order to assess progress in each pest program.
  •  Document and Report how least toxic alternatives have been investigated and tried prior to choosing pesticides for each pest control program.
  •  Phase out Bad Actor Pesticides by the end of 2012 for pest control programs unless all other alternatives have failed.
  •  Prohibit County Staff addressing pest control from recruiting individuals for the IPM Advisory Committee.
  •  Create a Permanent Seat on the IPM Advisory Committee for a Public Health Expert (MPH, PhD or DrPH) with a track record in supporting public health and environmental health issues.


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