Join us at 7 pm Thursday, March 12, in the Lafayette Library Community Room for an informative, challenging evening.  Ramsey Thomas, a retired Acalanes High School AP social studies teacher, will make a presentation on Thomas Piketty’s book Capital in the Twenty-First Century.  There will be a post-talk discussion of how you can get involved locally to address income disparity.  A $5 donation is requested to cover meeting expenses.

Income inequality has grown to become one of the key public policy issues of the decade.  It was the subject of our April LDC Movie Night when we saw Robert Reich in the documentary “Inequality for All” and heard his eloquent description of rising inequality in the United States.

Our March meeting will provide an introduction to what Paul Krugman has called, “the most important economics book of [2014] and maybe the decade. “  Krugman says that Piketty, “makes a powerful case that we’re on the way back to ‘patrimonial capitalism,’  in which the commanding heights of the economy are dominated not just by wealth, but also by inherited wealth, in which birth matters more than effort and talent.”  Piketty’s conclusions are based on over a decade of research by a small group of economists and data collected from 20 countries and reaching back three centuries.

Ramsey will give an insightful and engaging synopsis of Piketty’s 700+ page book featuring an overview of Piketty’s data, conclusions, and controversial recommendations.  The presentation grew out of a Bay Area Piketty study group in which Ramsey participated.