At the May 14 meeting, the Lamorinda Democratic Club approved new By-Laws.  This enables the club to endorse one Democrat over another Democrat in a top two candidate run-off.   With the new By-Laws in effect, the club members then endorsed Susan Bonilla by unanimous vote.

The Club also reelected the current slate of officers:  Katie Ricklefs – President, Craig Cheslog – Immediate Past President, Tom Duckworth – Vice President, John Hall – Treasurer, and Mike Rusk – Secretary.

After the short business meeting, Helen Grieco gave an update on the efforts by Common Cause to build a sustainable democracy.  She highlighted same day voter registration, on-line registration and increased registration at the DMV as immediate goals for improving voter participation.  With the current deluge of campaign literature sent by various PACs to influence the Senate District 7 special election, Helen’s comments about corporate campaign spending and “dark” money were very timely.  She said that Common Cause's long-term goal is public campaign financing.