The following was written by Brodie Brodie Hilp, President of the San Ramon Valley Democratic Club. It is reprinted here for your information and action.

As active Democrats, we know it is very important to hold our legislators accountable.  We have two new legislators at the State level – Assemblymember Catharine Baker and State Senator Steve Glazer.  Do you know how they are voting on legislation? 

The Democrats of Rossmoor have done an excellent job at compiling the voting record of these two legislators.  It is worthwhile to study.  One particular vote by Assemblymember Catharine Baker stands out.  She voted against allowing undocumented children to receive Medi-Cal.  These children are attending our schools, and it makes sense to insure their health for a wide range of reasons:  to insure they  are inoculated against disease, to test for visual and hearing deficits, to insure their health for learning.

The voting record is on page 5 and 6 of the Democrats of Rossmoor's Newsletter.  CLICK HERE to view the newsletter, then scroll down to page 5 and 6.

To make our legislators accountable, please attend their Town Halls and ask pertinent questions.  To learn when and where their Town Halls are, sign up for their emails.  To sign up for Senator Glazer's emails, visit the e-Newletter Sign Up.  To sign up for Assemblymember Baker's emails, visit the Newsletter Sign Up page