The Democratic Party of Contra Costa County (DPCCC) is now hosting a virtual online auction. Proceeds will support local Democratic candidates by providing new media strategies and direct voter activities.

In honor of the centennial celebration of the American Suffragette movement, the Lamorinda Democratic Club Board has contributed an exciting collection of books — to educate, engage, and inspire women and girls along with their fathers, sons, and brothers, who want to learn more about these trailblazing female superheroes.

Perfect as a gift to a grandchild, new graduate, new mom, or even as a “thank you” gift to a woman of any age who made a meaningful difference in your life.

This collection is presented in a beautiful, collectible, American Longaberger basket, and we’ve thrown in a few stunning just-right-for-the moment, Democratic masks —  for all of your social distancing.

  • Girls Who Run the World, Diana Knapp (autographed) & Bijou Karman
  • The Book of Gutsy Women, Hillary Rodham Clinton & Chelsea Clinton
  • Ladies of Liberty, Cokie Roberts & Diana Goode
  • Lillian’s Right to Vote, Jonah Winter & Shana W. Evans
  • Bold & Brave, Kirsten Gillibrand & Maira Kalman
  • Superheroes Are Everywhere, Kamala Harris & Mechal Renee Roe


To find this item on the DPCCC auction website, go to: and type “Suffragette Collection” in the search bar.