Democrats — Gather your friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, and join us on Thursday. August 12th at 6:30 pm for a fun evening of trivia, margaritas and reconnecting. We are very excited to announce that this year’s event will be in-person again, at the Lafayette Library Amphitheater. Participants will compete on teams for the pure glory of bragging rights, goofy prizes, and to have the team name engraved on a very fancy perpetual trophy. Don’t wait! Gather your team, come up with a team name and a captain, and register. Or feel free to come on your own, and we will also be assembling teams on the night. It will feel good to come together again.

Past championship teams:

2017 “Pod Save Contra Costa”
2018 “Mama Said There’s Be Days Like This”
2019 “If We Don’t Win, It’s Rigged”
2020 “The GODs” (Grand Ol’ Democrats)

Try this one as a warm-up!

Three presidents (Adams, Jefferson, and Monroe) died on the 4th of July. Name the only president to have been born on July 4th.