Grassroots Organizing – GO Team Event

Join us for our February 8th Meeting on Grassroots Organizing – GO Team. The race is on to support democratic issues and candidates for the 2018 election. There are many ways to be involved from data, voter registration, issues, candidates, getting out the vote. Be engaged, get involved.

7:00 to 9:00 PM Lafayette Library and Learning Center


April 13 Meeting Focus on Public Education

Join us on April 13 to discuss Public Education and the Department of Education’s proposed policies. Find out about the threat posed to public education such as the “portability” policy, and how this budget has been crafted to direct money away from public schools and into private hands under the guise of school choice. We will examine how the federal government will attempt to leverage California into accepting a voucher system by placing restrictions on Title I funding as well as the planned cuts of funding for teacher training and low income student programs while offering huge tax credits for donations to private school scholarships. We will also discuss how these policies will impact not only local public schools but the local economy.