Section 4.3 Club Representatives

Under the Club’s charter with the Democratic Party of Contra Costa County (DPCCC), an elected Club member and the member’s alternate can become voting delegates representatives to the DPCCC for a term of 2 years according to the provisions of Sections 4.3.b. and 4.3.c. The “Club DPCCC Voting Representatives Application” is required to be submitted to the DPCCC within 30 days of the intended acceptance as voting members.
Club representatives to the California Democratic Party (CDP) and DPCCC – and any other official representatives, delegates, and alternates from the Club to conferences, caucuses, councils, conventions, and other meetings (apart from the California Democratic Party (CADEM) candidate endorsement process representatives described in Section 4.3.d.) – shall be nominated by a vote of the Club’s Board of Directors and approved by the membership. The voting member and alternate must not already be a voting member of the DPCCC or must be willing to relinquish their current voting status upon accepting the Club voting member status. The voting member and alternate must be acceptable to the requirements of the DPCCC.
Club representatives described in this Section, when participating in voting and discussion in that capacity, shall adhere to and represent the Club’s official positions wherever applicable, and shall agree to do so prior to their selection.
Club Representatives allowed by the CADEM candidate endorsement process shall be appointed by the LDC Board of Directors from among all members in good standing. Any roster submitted to CADEM for participation in the CADEM pre-endorsement caucuses will only have members in good standing, as defined in these Bylaws, as of the date set by the CADEM Chair prior to the caucuses.

Section 8.2 Definitions and Process

h. Club Delegates allowed by the California Democratic Party shall be appointed by the LDC Board of Directors from among all members in good standing.