April 12 Candidates Forum

April 12 7:00-9:00 PM Candidates Forum Meet our Democratic Candidates on the June Ballot

Lafayette Library and Learning Center

  • Rebecca Bauer-Kahan, California State Assembly District 16 – help flip this District to Blue
  • Diana Becton, Contra Costa County District Attorney
  • Malia Cohen, Contra Costa County Board of Equalization
  • Fiona Ma – California State Treasurer
  • Ayore Riaunda – Contra Costa County Auditor/Controller

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Shout Outs From March 8, 2018 Meeting

Sign  petitions for SB 651 – Petition Disclosure Act

Sign petitions to get split tax Proposition 13

Visit March for Our Lives Facebook page to get evolved.

Together We Will Contra Costa – working to remove endorsement of Sheriff Livingston.  Sign petition to ask Steve Glazer to remove his endorsement of Sheriff Livingston.

Request to Sign Up for “Deep Green” under the Lafayette MCE Option – Sustainable Lafayette is trying to get 1,000 businesses.

Sign our Call to Action to support upcoming gun safety legislation.

April 13 Meeting Focus on Public Education

Join us on April 13 to discuss Public Education and the Department of Education’s proposed policies. Find out about the threat posed to public education such as the “portability” policy, and how this budget has been crafted to direct money away from public schools and into private hands under the guise of school choice. We will examine how the federal government will attempt to leverage California into accepting a voucher system by placing restrictions on Title I funding as well as the planned cuts of funding for teacher training and low income student programs while offering huge tax credits for donations to private school scholarships. We will also discuss how these policies will impact not only local public schools but the local economy.