Congratulations to Our 2013-14 Officers

At the Lamorinda Democratic Club's May 10 meeting, the following members were elected as our officers for the 2013-14 year:

President: Katie Ricklefs
Vice President: John Hall
Secretary: Marie McDonald
Treasurer: Carol Nacon

Congratulations to our officers! Please contact any member of the Board of Directors if you would like to volunteer to help our club and its programs in the coming year.

LDC's 2012 General Election Endorsements

Following the club's endorsement process, the Lamorinda Democratic Club's membership has voted on the following endorsements for the 2012 general election:

  • Prop 30 Temporary Taxes to Fund Education & Public Safety: Yes
  • Prop 31 Budget Reforms: No
  • Prop 32 Limits Union Political Contributions: No
  • Prop 33 Auto Insurance Price Based on Driver History: No
  • Prop 34 Eliminates the Death Penalty: Yes
  • Prop 35 Human Trafficking: Yes
  • Prop 36 Modifies Three Strikes Law: Yes
  • Prop 37 Labeling of Genetically Engineered Foods: Yes
  • Prop 39 Adjust Taxes for Multi-State Corporations to Fund Clean Energy Programs: Yes
  • Prop 40 Referendum on State Senate District Boundaries: Yes
  • Measure A, Contra Costa Community College District $11/year parcel tax: Yes
  • Measure C, Martinez Unified School District parcel tax renewal: Yes
  • Measure K, Town of Moraga 1-cent sales tax for road maintenance: Yes
  • Measure L, City of Orinda 1/2-cent sales tax for road maintenance: Yes
  • Measure Q, Contra Costa Fire District $75/year parcel tax: Yes
  • 11th Congressional District: George Miller
  • 7th Senatorial District: Mark DeSaulnier
  • 16th Asembly District: Joan Buchanan
  • Moraga Town Council: Karen Mendonca
  • Orinda City Council: Victoria Smith
  • Pleasant Hill City Council: David Durant
  • Lafayette School Board: Quinlan Tom
  • Mt. Diablo School Board: Brian Lawrence
  • Contra Costa Community College District 2: Vicki Gordon

Lamorinda Democratic Club Endorses AB 1148, the California DISCLOSE Act

After hearing a presentation during the November 10 Lamorinda Democratic Club business meeting about AB 1148, the California DISCLOSE Act, club members in attendance voted unanimously for the club to endorse the measure. This was consistent with the club's long-time support for Clean Money elections and campaign finance reform.

As the California Clean Money campaign explains,

AB 1148, the California DISCLOSE Act, would fight back against unlimited hidden spending on campaigns by letting voters know who REALLY is paying for political ads — on the ads themselves.  Authored by Assemblymember Julia Brownley and sponsored by the California Clean Money Campaign, AB 1148 would amend the Political Reform Act of 1974, and so can either be put into effect by a 2/3 vote of the legislature or a majority vote placing a measure on the ballot for the voters to decide.

The California DISCLOSE Act would require all political television ads, print ads, and websites to list their Top Five funders in a clear and unambiguous fashion.  The Top Two funders will be required to be listed on radio ads.

Requires the largest funder of television and radio ads to "stand by their ad".  For example, instead of saying, in small print, “Paid for by Stop Hidden Taxes – No on 25/Yes on 26, a coalition of taxpayers and employers…”, Yes on 26 ads would have said:  "I'm John Watson, CEO of Chevron, located in California.  Chevron helped pay for this message and approves it."

The California Clean Money Campaign and other supporters of the California DISCLOSE Act will be hosting a Legislative Campaign Kick-off event on January 7, 2012, from 10 a.m.-12 noon at Oakland City Hall. We will post more information about that event as the event date draws near. You can also preregister at

A Plan to Heal America: The Main Street Contract for the American People

During last night's Lamorinda Democratic Club meeting, California Nurses Association/National Nurses United Director of Public Policy for California Michael Lighty shared information about the Main Street Contract for America.

The Main Street Contact seeks to promote policies that will ensure:

  • Jobs at living wages, reinvesting in America.
  • Equal access to quality, public education.
  • Guaranteed healthcare for all.
  • A secure retirement, with the ability to retire in dignity.
  • Good housing and protection from hunger.
  • A safe, clean, and healthy environment.
  • A just taxation system where corporations and the wealthy pay their fair share.

The LDC's Issues and Endorsements Committee will be reviewing a resolution of support for the effort for possible consideration by the club at a future meeting.

At the end of his presentation, Lighty shared the following video which highlights the New Face of America, one where the interests of Wall Street have overtaken those of Main Street.


At the November 12th meeting of the Lamorinda Democratic Club, author George Lakoff brought his framing and linguistics expertise to the topic of “Restoring Democracy in California.â€? This includes his ballot initiative entitled, “The California Democracy Act,â€? which reads: “All Legislative actions on revenue and budget must be determined by majority vote.

During his talk, Lakoff stated that to make California governable again, a simple majority is needed to both pass a state budget and raise revenues; otherwise, the Democratic majority will continue to be held hostage by the Republican minority. Appealing to those interested in preserving democracy, Lakoff’s initiative is supported by the California Democratic Party and organized labor.

Lakoff is well-known for his recent books, including “Don’t Think of an Elephant: Know Your Values and Frame the Debateâ€? and “The Political Mind: Why You Can’t Understand 21st-Century American Politics with an 18th-Century Brain.â€? A cognitive linguist, he is particularly famous for his concept of the “embodied mind,” which he has written about in relation to mathematics. Dr. Lakoff has taught linguistics at the University of California, Berkeley, since 1972, and in recent years he has applied his work to the realm of politics.