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Lamorinda Democratic Club Members and Friends,

April is custom-made for new beginnings, leaning forward, and brighter days. We’re starting our post-vaccine lives — coordinating safe get-togethers with friends and family, and imagining new possibilities.

As Democrats, we recognize that politics is as responsible for the sunnier outlook, as the longer, warmer days. We are witnessing good government at work again — relying on science, truth-telling, rescuing, and rebuilding.

Here in California, we have had the added benefit of a state government that has been leading the charge all along. Our Democratically-led state has demonstrated that policy — addressing climate change, better work conditions, stronger gun-safety, ensuring diversity, civil rights and environmental protection, and a broader safety net — can go hand-in-hand with a strong economy. We proved it.

Still, it looks increasingly likely that we may need to roll up our Get-Out-The-Vote sleeves, a little earlier than expected, in preparation for a gubernatorial recall. We cannot afford complacency. There is too much at risk.

The LDC Precinct Organizing Team is already at work — creating a Voter Guide for Precinct Organizers to distribute to Democratic voters in dozens of precincts throughout Contra Costa County. If you are already an LDC Precinct Organizer, please let us know that we can count you “in” to Get Out The Vote. If you have not yet participated as a Precinct Organizer, but would like to get involved, please drop us an email at

At this month’s LDC General Meeting, we are pleased to welcome Professor Karen Musalo, who will provide a context for understanding our refugee and asylum obligations and an overview of the Biden administration’s commitments and actions to unwind the prior administration’s policies of dismantling refugee protection.

I hope you can join us on Thursday, April 8, at 7 pm via Zoom.

Happy Spring.


Tracy Brog
Lamorinda Democratic Club President

Next General Meeting

Thursday, April 8 at 7 pm via Zoom.  Register here for this Zoom meeting.

Refugee and Asylum – Obligations and Policy –Understanding, Unwinding, Rebuilding
Karen Musalo

Professor and Director, Center for Gender and Refugee Studies
U.C. Hastings College of Law

2021 Candidates for Club Officers Announced

Voting by general membership at the May Meeting

The LDC Issues and Candidates Committee is expanding its role to encourage more member participation, to help build the bench, and to play an advisory role for prospective Democratic candidates and issue advocates.

If you have experience or expertise in relevant areas and would like to volunteer to participate in LDC Issues or Candidates Committees’ Advisory Panels, please contact:

If you are a prospective political candidate, or an issue advocate, seeking endorsement consideration by the Lamorinda Democratic Club, please contact:

LCD Endorses the Ballot Disclose Act

At the LDC March general meeting, SB 90, the Ballot Disclose Act, authored by Senator Henry Stern and sponsored by the California Clean Money Campaign, was endorsed by the Lamorinda Democratic Club.

SB 90 would require every state ballot measure to include a short list of official supporters and opponents on each ballot label — not just in the state voter information guide. The Ballot Disclose Act would help voters make the decisions that support their values and intentions. Voters would be able to easily see whether some of the organizations they trust the most would support or oppose any state proposition on the ballot.

The Ballot Disclose Act would be an obvious benefit to voters — providing clarity and transparency — qualities important to all voters.

SB 90 is a game-changing piece of legislation that would pave the way for California voters to make better-informed voting decisions. Please contact your elected officials, and let them know that you would like their support of SB 90.

Steve Glazer
CA State Senate, 7th District
Orinda Office: (925) 258-1176

Rebecca Bauer-Kahan
CA State Assembly, 16th District
District Office: (925) 328-1515

Candace Anderson
Board of Supervisors District 2

Diane Burgis
Board of Supervisors, District 3
(925) 252-4500


General Meetings

Thursday, May 13
Henry E. Brady, UC Berkeley 
Dean of the Goldman School of Public Policy

Thursday, August 12
The LDC Hot August Night Political Trivia Championship

Precinct Organizing Project Summer Get-Together

It’s never too early or too late to join us as a neighborhood volunteer or Precinct Organizer. No experience necessary!
June meeting — time and place to be determined.

Contra Costa Food Bank – Virtual Food Drive

Here is the link to our Contra Costa Food Bank Team page:

Please help us reach our goal of $5,000 by May 1st.
Many thanks again to everyone who has joined the LDC Food Drive Team!

Brian Ladd Marcie Tuttle
Carlyn Obringer Mary-Jane Wood
Christina Mellin Maurade Kelly
Cody Keller Maureen Steiner
Constance Chilba Mike Rusk
Craig Cheslog Nathan Haese
Cynthia Sevilla Peter & Margo Connolly
Diane Bianchi Peter Ericson
Donna Costello Renee Zeimer
Eileen Lindsay Schelly Gartner
Eleanor McGinley Sheilah Fish
Elizabeth Barnhart Shirley Shelangoski
Elizabeth Ferree Steve Danziger
Francis Barham Sue Hamill
Gary Eberhart Tara Presnell
John Cumbers Tim & Beth Eliason
John Donnelly Tom Duckworth
Katherine Knapp Tony Suh
Katie Ricklefs Tracy Brog
Mark & Marcia Dunaway Victor Gess
William Manheim


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