Mar 14 Dr. Andrew Gunther Bay Area Ecosystems Climate Change
Feb 14 Chris Riley Path Towards Marriage Equality
Jan 11 Kimberly Ellis "EMERGE", Women in Politics


Nov 8 Ethan Rarick The 2012 Elections: First Impressions
Oct 11   Countdown to Election Day
Sept 13   A Month of Action
June 10 Lisa Voderbrueggen Post-Election Recap
May 10 Susan Strong The Metaphor Project: Move Our Message
Apr 12 Christine Pelosi Campaign Boot Camp 2.0
Mar 9 Tomi Van de Brooke Candidate for Supervisor, District 2
Feb 9 Joan Buchanan Welcome to Her New District
Jan 12 Craig Cheslog A Blueprint for Great Schools


Nov 10 Ann Notthoff Confessions of an Environmental Lobbyist
Oct 13 Joshua Holland The Fifteen Biggest Lies about the Economy
Sep 8 David Clark Sales Tax, Use Tax & Amazon: What's All the Fuss About?
Aug 11 Michael Lighty Main Street Contract for America
June 9 Mitzi Sales & Melody Howe Weintraub The War on Women – How Planned Parenthood is Just Getting Started!
May 10 No Meeting Supervisor Redistricting Resolution
Apr 10 Steve Chessin Ranked Choice Voting, Instant Runoff Voting
Mar 10 Randy Shandobil A local Perspective on California and National Politics.
Feb 10 Next10 Take the California Budget Challenge.
Jan 13 Nancy Skinner What is the plan for the next year in California?


November 11 Alex Evans An Overview of the November Election Results
October 14 Lisa Tucker & Melody Howe Weintraub Political Experts to Discuss the November Elections
September 16 Dan O'Malley & Local Lamorinda District Candidates Candidates for November 2010 Elections
June 10 Lisa Vorderbrueggen Analyze the June Primary Election
May 13 Elle Falahat, William O'Malley, Bob Brooks, Ross Butler, Gus Kramer, Brian Kalinowski, Joseph Ovick, Karen Thibodeau Contra Costa Countywide Office Democratic Candidate Forum
Apr 8 Dr. Arthur Rosenfeld Energy Efficiency Expert
Mar 20 Peter Schrag California: Who made the mess? Who'll clean it up?
Feb 20 Derek Cressman Citizens United vs Supreme Court – Public Campaign Financing
Jan 14 Joseph Ovick Nancy Vandell California Public Education Crisis


Nov 12 George Lakoff Restoring Democracy in California
Oct 16 Peggy Moore Organizing for America What it is and How Can You Get Involved
Sep 17 Lenny Goldberg California Budget Disaster How We Got into It, How We Get Out of It
Jun 19   10th Congressional District Candidates Forum
May 15 Assemblymember Nancy Skinner, 14th AD Discusses Key California Issues
Apr17 VMB Norman Solomon Progressive Democrats in the Obama Era: The Challanges Ahead
Mar 20 Linda Leu Health Care Reform
Feb 20 Vince Warren Neutralizing Bush's Legacy: Restoring Constitutional Rights


Nov 21 Alex Evans November Elections and What They Mean
Oct 17 Congrasswoman Ellen Tauscher  
Sep 12 Christine Pelosi What's at Stake During the 2008 Elections
Jun 20 Asssemblymember Loni Hancock and Senator Tom Torlakson Spaghetti Dinner to Honor them for their past years of service to our communities
May 16   Take the California Budget Challange!
Apr 18   Candidate's Night for the 14th Assembly District
Mar 27 U.S. Representative Jerry McNerney Recognize the 5th Anniversary of the War in Iraq
Feb 21 JCC California Secretary of State Debra Bowen Integrity of the Electronic Voting Systems in California
Jan 25 Next President of the United States Join us as we explore the future with representatives [of each campaign]


Nov 15 Professor Dan Kammen Why the Right Energy Plan Puts a Democrat in the White House
Oct 19 Mark DeSaulnier and Joseph Canciamilla Democratic Candidate Debate, California State Senate, District 7
Sep 28 Ethan Kaplan Current Health Care Policy and the Possibilities for Health Care Reform
Jul 11 DOR Lt. Governor John Garamendi  
May 18 Assemblywoman Loni Hancock Where have we been? Where do we go next?
Apr 13 Joan Blades As Mothers Go, so Goes The Country
Mar 16 Nadia McCaffery healing the inner-wounds from post-traumatic stree disorder
Feb 16 Assemblymember Mark DeSaulnier, 11th AD An insider's view, how the electric car was torpedoed in California
Jan 19 Bruce E. Cain Ramifications of the Democratic takeover of the [U.S.] House and Senate

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