Rep: Mark DeSaulnier


Spaghetti Dinner Fund-raiser hosted by Mark DeSaulnier, the club honored Loni Hancock, Tom Torlakson – June – 2008
Palo Alto-based Nonprofit Organization Next 10 led us in their Innovative California Budget ChallengeMay 2008
Candidates’ Night for the 14th Assembly District – April 2008
U.S. Representative Jerry McNerney to Recognize the 5th Anniversary of the War in Iraq -March 2008
California Secretary of State Debra Bowen – February 2008
Representatives from the Democratic Presidential Campaigns – January 2008


Debate with; Mark DeSaulnier and Joe Canciamilla – October 2007
Professor Ethan Kaplan – September 2007
Assemblywoman Loni Hancock – May 2007
Joan Blades – April 2007
Nadia McCaffrey – March 2007
Bruce E. Cain – January 2007


Lisa Vorderbrueggen – November 2006
3rd annual Democratic Gala Specail Gust Host, Will Durst – October 2006
Senator Tom Torlakson and Assemblymember Loni Hancock – June 2006
Liz Figueroa (Candidate for Lt. Governor) – April 2006
Barbara Ehrenreich (Author and Social Activist) – March 2006 (author canceled due to inclement weather conditions)
Candidate Forum to Defeat Pombo (Steve Filson, Jerry McNerney, Steve Thomas) – February 2006
Lisa Vordenbrueggen (Political Editor, Contra Costa Times) – January 2006


Victory Party with Pam Aguilar (Executive Director of the Central Labor Council of Contra Costa County) – November 2005
Will Durst (Political Satirist, Fundraiser Extraordinaire) – October 2005
Art Torres (former California State Senator and Chairman of the California Democrat Party) – September 2005
Daniel L. McFadden (2000 Nobel Prize in Economics, UC Professor of Economics, President of the American Economics Association, Director of the Econometrics Laboratory) – June 2005
Bruce Cain (Political Commentator, Robson Professor of Political Science and Director of the Institute of Governmental Studies at UC Berkeley) – May 2005
Donna Gerber (Director of Government Relations, California Nurses Association) – April 2005
Phil Angelides (California State Treasurer/Candidate for Governor 2006) – March 2005
Loni Hancock (State Assemblymember) and Susan Lerner (Califonia Clean Money Campaign) – February 2005
John Ellwood (UC Berkeley Professor, Goldman School of Public Policy) – January 2005


Beshara Doumani (UC Center for Middle Eastern Studies) – November 2004
Will Durst (Political Satirist) – October 2004
George Lakoff (UC Berkeley Professor, Linguist) – September 2004
Lamorinda Democratic Club Picnic – July 2004
Douglas Strand (Project Director, Public Agendas and Citizen Engagement Survey) – June 2004
Vikram D. Amar (Legal Commentator, Radio and TV)) – April 2004
Peter Schrag (Sacramento Bee Columnist) – March 2004
680/24 Democratic Convention and Straw Poll – February 2004
Severin Borenstein (Energy Institute, UC Berkeley) – January 2004


Lenny Goldberg (California Tax Reform Association) – October 2003
Art Torres (California Democratic Party Chairman) and Tom Torlakson (State Senator) – September 2003
Loni Hancock (State Assembly, 14th District) – June 2003
Dr. Gary Krane (Founder and Director, Fair Elections) – May 2003
Dr. Wendel Brunner (Director of Public Health, Contra Costa County) – April 2003
Lynn MacMichael (Relief Worker, Iraq) – March 2003
Davis Riemer (Past President of the Northern CA Chapter of the ACLU) – February 2003
Reverend David Sammons (Co-Chair, Social Justice Alliance) and Jeanelyse Doran (Mt. Diablo Peace Center) – January 2003


Carl Zichella (Regional Director, Sierra Club) – November 2002
Sharon Davis (First Lady of California) – October 2002
Michael Nacht (Dean, Goldman School of Public Policy at UC Berkeley) – September 2002
Daniel Kammen (UC Berkeley Professor, Energy Expert) – May 2002
Susan Rasky (Journalist, UC Berkeley Professor) – April 2002
Judi Kanter, Dr. Bill Durston, Mark Stivers (Panel Discussion on Family Values)) – March 2002
Jesse H. Choper (Earl Warren Professor of Law, UC Berkeley) – February 2002
Dave Brown, Loni Hancock, Charles Ramsey (Candidates for 14th Assembly District)- January 2002


Arthur L. Reingold, MD ( Professor of Epidemiology, UC Berkeley) – November 2001
Dr. Mohammad Hassan Kakar (Afghanistan Historian) – October 2001
Tom Torlakson (State Senator) – September 2001
Bruce Cain (Director, Institute of Government Studies) – June 2001
Ellen Tauscher (Congresswoman) and Daniel Kammen (UC Berkeley Professor, Energy Expert) – May 2001
Donna Gerber (County Supervisor) – April 2001
Steve Ybarra (Democratic National Committee) – March 2001
Michael Nacht (Dean, Goldman School of Public Policy at UC Berkeley) – February 2001
Severin Borenstein (Energy Institute, UC Berkeley)- January 2001


John King (San Francisco Chronicle Columnist) – November 2000
Tom Torlakson , Ellen Tauscher and Greg Rolen (Democratic Candidates) October 2000
Alpha Quincy and Jane Jones (League of Women Voters) – September 2000
Dan Richard (BART Director) – June 2000
Roy Johnson (US Department of State) – May 2000
Reverend Myron Herrell (Methodist Minister) – April 2000
Dr. Edith Loewenstein (Contra Costa County Advisory Council on Aging)- March 2000
James D. Rosenthal (former US Ambassador)- January 2000