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Poised to Make a Difference!
By Terry Leach, President, LDC

February 2008

The Lamorinda Democratic Club, one of the largest and most active Democratic organizations in California with a mailing roster of over 700, is poised to increase its membership significantly. For the first time in our history, over 130 households have already paid their annual dues before our first meeting in 2008! At this rate, we could well exceed 1000 members this year alone! Maybe more!

This expansion means that the Lamorinda Democratic Club is poised to become a pivotal liaison between one of the largest and most highly regarded volunteer pools based in northern California and the Democratic presidential nominee.

If you are currently supporting and or volunteering for one of the candidates, please consider joining and becoming active in our club, and let’s pool our resources and efforts to help our eventual nominee take back the White House.
Four years ago, this club was instrumental in providing volunteers for Kerry, especially after the Swift Boat attacks, though many of us had supported other candidates in the primary. We held countless registration drives, raised funds to open a campaign office in Contra Costa County, and some of us phone banked voters out of state and even traveled out of state as a result of efforts undertaken by Lamorinda Democratic Club members.

We are always more strategic and more effective when we work together. Please join our Precinct Organization Committee, now with over 130 precinct workers in Moraga alone, to ensure that Contra Costa County again enjoys the highest voter turn-out in the state, and please consider taking a leadership role in our organization. We need motivated Democrats to help organize our hundreds of experienced, motivated workers to help turn critical out-of-state areas blue for the most important election in our lifetime.