September 13 Candidates Endorsement Forum

Meet Our Local Democratic Candidates

Join us in meeting democratic candidates running for State Assembly, local school boards, city councils, county seats and other elected positions. All members will be asked to vote on endorsing candidates.

Meeting starts at 7:00 PM at the Lafayette Library and Learning Center.  Free for members, suggested $5.00 donation for non-members.

sept 18 LDC Meeting.png

Lamorinda Democratic Club Endorses Lafayette School District Measure B

The membership of the Lamorinda Democratic Club voted at its March 10 meeting to endorse Measure B, a mail-only May 3 ballot for a parcel tax to support the Lafayette School District.

The club heard details about the budget situation and Measure B from Lafayette School District Superintendent Fred Brill and Yes on B Campaign Co-Chair Corrine Christensen prior to voting to endorse the measure.

"The Lamorinda Democratic Club has a long tradition of supporting more funding for our schools, especially given the fiscal emergency they are facing because of the state budget situation," said Lamorinda Democratic Club President Craig Cheslog. "One of our club's priorities is supporting our public education system."

Measure B will provide stable, locally controlled funding to support programs maintaining student achievement. Measure B will preserve core academic programs, funding for arts and music, help attract and retain the most qualified teachers, keep classroom computers, technology, and science labs up-to-date, and support early academic intervention programs. It is an emergency parcel tax measure of $176 per parcel for four years only, with exemptions for seniors.

For more information about Measure B, please visit or the measure's Facebook page.

Rep. Jerry McNerney Needs Help To Ensure Vote Count Fair and Transparent

McNerney for CongressCongressmember Jerry McNerney needs help to ensure the close CD-11 vote count is fair and transparent. His opponent's lawyers are already working to get ballots thrown out of the process.

If you’re interested in supporting the McNerney campaign's efforts to ensure a fair and transparent vote counting process, please contact their office at (925) 833-0643 or make a donation to the vote count effort here.

Kamala Harris for Attorney General Campaign Needs Our Help

California Democratic Party Chairman John Burton is encouraging supporters of Kamala Harris to help ensure a fair and transparent voting process in her close Attorney General race against opponent Steve Cooley. As Chairman Burton writes:

Right now over 1 million vote-by-mail and provisional ballots have yet to be counted. There is a great deal of work to be done over the next few days to ensure the integrity of the vote canvass process and that's where you come in.

The Harris campaign needs people throughout California to help monitor the ballot count. They will take as much time as you're willing to give, and you will be asked you to travel as far as you're willing to go to help us and the Harris campaign cover every corner of California for Kamala!

Volunteers are currently being trained and dispatched all over the state so that the campaign can have a strong and positive presence in every last Election office. We can use everyone's help; attorneys, law students and those with legal knowledge are particularly helpful. And please let us know if you have experience monitoring votes.

You can sign-up now using this web site to help the Harris campaign. If you have any questions, you can email the Harris for Attorney General field team.

Rep. Jerry McNerney’s Opponent Argued For Abolishing Public Schools

Rep. Jerry McNerney for CongressIn Lamorinda, we care about our public schools. We know how important a top-notch education is for every California student.

That is why I believe all of us should take a moment to read an explosive story by  Mother Jones' Nick Baumann about how Congressmember Jerry McNerney's opponent, David Harmer, has advocated eliminating public schools entirely.

Baumann has found an August 27, 2000 San Francisco Chronicle op-ed,"Abolish the Public Schools," in which Harmer wrote that "government should exit the business of running and funding schools."

Harmer is trying to hide these extreme views during this campaign. Make sure you let your friends in the 11th Congressional District know the radical conservative record Harmer is trying to conceal. 

Click here to visit Rep. Jerry McNerney's reelection campaign web site and find out more about what you can do to volunteeror contribute to his effort to make defeat David Harmer on election day.