Tell State Legislators to Dump Grover Norquist

California Democratic Party Chairman John Burton is encouraging all Californians to sign a petition to encourage our legislators to work for us and let Californians vote on extending current taxes in order to protect vital health and human services and education programs. As Burton writes:

Who does Norquist think he is to try and bind California Republicans to his agenda when they are elected independently by the people in districts up and down this state?

And, of course, who are these Republicans to succumb to the outrageous demands of someone like Norquist when Governor Jerry Brown needs everyone's help to restructure government and restore California?

To solve the complex problems facing California and get our state on track, at a time when Americans are paying the lowest amount in taxes since the Eisenhower administration, we need flexibility.

Raising and lowering revenue and expenses in different areas of the budget is what governing is all about, and we can't take half our tools off the table and expect to build a full solution.

Let's remind Republicans of their rightful independence and duty to serve the people of California first.

You can click here to sign the petition.