Workers Rights and the Middle Class

Robert Reich has a great column in today's San Francisco Chronicle. As he writes about the Republican Party's battle against public employee unions across the country:

This war on workers' rights is an assault on the middle class, and it is undermining the American economy.

The American economy can't get out of neutral until American workers have more money in their pockets to buy what they produce. And unions are the best way to give them the bargaining power to get better pay.

Worried about income inequality? You should be worried about this.

Senator Mark DeSaulnier to Chair Three New Select Committees

Senator Mark DeSaulnier (D-Concord) announced that he has been designated the chair of three new select committees: the Select Committee on Excellence and Innovation in State Government, the Select Committee on Restoring California’s Middle Class, and the Select Committee on Small Business and the Underground Economy.

To learn more about these new Select Committees, and what Senator DeSaulnier hopes to accomplish with them, please click here to read the press release from his office.

Generating Prosperity

My friend Michael C. pointed out this excellent New York Times op-ed by Robert Reich. As he usually does, Reich makes several thought-provoking arguments in this Labor Day think piece.

In it Reich explains how economic policies that help only the top earners cannot lead to prosperity, and reminds us that we should remember the lesson from decades ago about how “policies that generate more widely shared prosperity lead to stronger and more sustainable economic growth.”