July, 2022 Letter

Lamorinda Democratic Club Members and Friends,

Yes, it’s that time of year! It’s time to register for the not-to-be-missed Lamorinda Democratic Club Hot August Night Political Trivia Championship on Thursday, August 11, at 6 p.m.

This is one of the LDC’s most popular annual events. “Trivia Night” offers the opportunity for our members and friends, LDC Precinct Organizers and activists, candidates, and elected officials to come together in an informal way over complimentary frozen margaritas and finger foods, some political trivia, friendly competition and banter, and just for fun. I hope you can join us! Just like last year, the 2022 ”Trivia Night” will take place at the Lafayette Library, outside, on the patio. Seating is limited, so please register soon using this link: https://forms.gle/Cwq55VapXFsQJJNM7.

LDC Members, LDC Precinct Organizers, and elected officials receive complimentary admission with advance registration by Friday, August 5. If you join the Lamorinda Democratic Club now through August 1, your membership will carry through to December 2023. Click here to join the club or renew your membership: https://ldclub.org/join-donate-square/. For other non-members attending, the registration fee is $15 per person.

The theme of the 2022 event is “TV Game Shows of the 70s.” So get ready to Tell the Truth, avoid a Family Feud, and find out whether the Price is Right! The table exhibiting the most team spirit may receive special recognition or prizes.😉 So be inspired! Round up your friends, fellow Precinct Organizers, neighbors, Club members, or favorite city council members, and enter as a team. Or come on your own! Everyone who attends will participate as part of a team. Will team “Good Trouble” return for a shot at victory again? Or will the once-upon-a-time “Young Dems” try to recapture their youth with a win? And what about Democrats of Rossmoor? Will they be back with their besties on the Walnut Creek City Council?

In the meantime, the Lamorinda Democratic Club is gearing up for the November 2022 election. The LDC Issues and Candidates Committee is already receiving and considering candidate requests for endorsement, and LDC Precinct Organizers are preparing to reach thousands of registered Dems in Contra Costa so we can Get Out The Vote for our amazing Democratic candidates. If you or someone you know would like to join the Precinct Organizing team or have questions, please send an email to: GOteam@LDclub.org, and be sure to include your voter registration address. LDC Precinct Organizers live in Lafayette, Moraga, Orinda, Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill, Concord, Alamo, Danville, Martinez, and San Ramon, and we welcome new Organizers and Volunteers at any time! No experience is necessary, and as an LDC Precinct Organizer, you can reach out to your Democratic neighbors in whatever way works best for you and the voters in your precinct. Spend as little or as much time as your schedule allows, or volunteer to help in a neighboring precinct with an experienced Organizer. Please join us!

Also, please save the date for Lamorinda Democratic Club’s (Virtual) Meet the Candidates 2022 on Thursday, August 25, at 7 p.m. All candidates seeking the endorsement of the Lamorinda Democratic Club are invited to attend. The evening will allow LDC members to hear directly from candidates ahead of the September 14 general monthly meeting, when endorsement voting will take place. If you are a candidate for election in November 2022 and wish to be considered for an LDC endorsement, please get in touch with Craig, Chair of the LDC Issues and Candidates Committee, at issues@LDclub.org.

I hope to see you at “Trivia Night” in August!


Tracy Brog
Lamorinda Democratic Club President

May, 2022 Letter

Lamorinda Democratic Club Members and Friends,

If the recent and alarming news stories coming from Nashville school boards, North Carolina city councils, Texas and Oklahoma state houses, the Senate, and now the Supreme Court, share a common thread, perhaps it is that “Elections have consequences.” (Barack Obama, 2009)

To advance our Democratic goals of safe, fair and just treatment under the law, a cleaner greener environment, protecting reproductive rights and voting rights, and expanding education, economic, and housing opportunities, we must continue to get Democrats to turn out and vote in every election — for every level of government.

So please, consider joining the LDC Precinct Organizing Project. Become a Democratic Leader and Organizer in our community. Help engage, educate and elect Democrats — the mission of this club. The June primary is fast approaching, but it is never too late to join the team! No experience is necessary, and you can Get Out The Vote on your own schedule, in your own precinct, and in a way that works best for you and your neighbors.

Together, LDC Precinct Organizers reach tens of thousands of Contra Costa Democratic voters each election cycle, neighbor-to-neighbor. The program is effective in getting out the vote, and it’s fun being part of a team effort. It’s also great way to get to know your Democratic neighbors, and other members of the Club. Current LDC Precinct Organizers live in Lamorinda, Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek, Concord, Danville, Martinez, and San Ramon.

To join the Precinct Organizing team or find out more, please send an email to:

The next Lamorinda Democratic Club general meeting is on Thursday, May 12, at 7 p.m. via Zoom. It is our June 2022 Primary “BYOB” (Bring Your Own Ballot) meeting, where we will go over the ballot, and answer remaining election questions. Additionally, next Thursday’s meeting will provide another “Round-Table” discussion opportunity. Using break-out rooms on Zoom, members will gather around the table (virtually) to share ideas and thoughts about the upcoming election and other political news items.

I hope you can join us on Thursday, May 12! In the meantime, be sure to look for your ballot arriving by mail soon, and please return it early!

To those of you who are moms, or playing the role, or celebrating, or remembering your own mothers this Sunday, Happy Mothers Day.❤️


Tracy Brog
Lamorinda Democratic Club President

Thursday, May 12 at 7 p.m. via Zoom
Click here to register and receive the Zoom link:

We are trying to fill in a few gaps in our Precinct Organizing voter outreach. If you live in one of the following precincts, we would especially love your help getting out the vote:

Lafayette (LFET) 103,104,110,113
Orinda (ORDA) 103, 104, 106
Moraga (MORG) 102,103
Walnut Creek (WLCR) 105, 107

The following CA June Primary Election candidates received endorsements from the Lamorinda Democratic Club:

Contra Costa County District Attorney: Diana Becton

Contra Costa County Assessor: Floy Andrews

Contra Costa County Sheriff – Coroner: Benjamin Therriault

Contra Costa County Clerk Recorder: Kristin Connelly

Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors District 4: Carlyn Obringer

The LDC also endorsed California Senate Bill 912, authored by Senator Monique Limón. SB 912 is sponsored by the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network and the University of California. It would increase access to biomarker testing, which can help determine the best treatment plan for a specific patient. Click here to read the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network’s fact sheet about the bill.

Three bylaws changes were approved at the last meeting.
The Club Treasurer shall prepare an annual budget to be approved by the membership.
Unbudgeted expenditures of $2,000 or more shall require approval by the membership.
The LDC President may authorize unbudgeted expenditures less than $2,000 upon LDC Board approval and following consultation with LDC Treasurer – to assure adequate funds.


April, 2022 Letter

Lamorinda Democratic Club Members and Friends,
Be careful! Getting excited about elections is absolutely habit-forming!
Anyone familiar with the Lamorinda Democratic Club knows that the dedicated LDC Precinct Organizing Project Team gets out the vote.
Each local, primary, general, and special election cycle, LDC Precinct Organizers reach thousands of Contra Costa Democratic voters, neighbor to neighbor, delivering invaluable precinct-specific voter information.
In addition to identifying the Democratic candidates on the ballot, Organizers also provide the location of precinct polling places, drop boxes, early voting sites, and critical dates and deadlines.
By connecting and building community, Precinct Organizers work to ensure that Contra Costa Dems vote in every election, and recognize the value of electing competent, capable, trustworthy representatives to every elected position — from school boards and city councils to district, county, state and national offices.
Whether or not you have any experience in precinct organizing, we welcome you to become part of the team!
If you would like to become a Precinct Organizer, or find out more about the project, please send an email to: GOTV@LDclub.org
The Lamorinda Democratic Club’s next general meeting, on Thursday, April 14 at 7 p.m., is unusual in that it will be all about club member voting. Club members “in good standing” (who have joined or renewed their membership by March 31) will have the opportunity to vote on the following:
  • JUNE 9 PRIMARY ELECTION CANDIDATE ENDORSEMENTS recommended by the LDC Issues & Candidates Committee (Contra Costa District Attorney, Contra Costa Clerk/Recorder, Contra Costa Sheriff, Contra Costa Board of Supervisors District 4)
  • LEGISLATIVE ISSUE ENDORSEMENT recommended by the LDC Issues & Candidates Committee
  • LDC BYLAWS CHANGE recommended for endorsement by the LDC Board of Directors
  • LDC 2022 BUDGET recommended for endorsement by the LDC Finance Committee
We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting!
Tracy Brog
Lamorinda Democratic Club President
We hope to see you on Zoom at the next meeting!
Thursday, April 14, at 7 p.m. via Zoom

To register and receive the link for the Zoom meeting, please click here: https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZMkde2rrj8qG9BmSjXEMD2nsXDw4bUOgQNs

March, 2022 Letter

Lamorinda Democratic Club Members and Friends,

If there is any subject that can demonstrate the sweeping expanse of our Big Blue Democratic tent, surely it must be California Housing: specifically, the new California laws derived from California SB9 and SB10.

No matter where you are on the spectrum of opinions, we hope you will join us for the next Lamorinda Democratic Club General Meeting on Thursday, March 10 at 7 p.m. The meeting will provide an excellent opportunity to get answers to your housing questions and to learn about some local implications of the new state legislation.

The evening’s expert panel includes:

  • Greg Wolff, Planning Director, City of Lafayette
  • Jim Cervantes, Chair of Lafayette GPAC (General Plan Advisory Committee), and newly appointed Member of the California Housing Finance Agency Board
  • Cindy Darling, Walnut Creek City Council Member, former Chair of Walnut Creek Planning Commission

Additionally, LDC members will have the opportunity to vote on whether to endorse a recent bill introduced by Congressman Mark DeSaulnier. The Saving Local News Act (H.R. 6068) would make it easier for newspapers to become non-profits, allowing them the flexibility to focus less on maximizing profits and more on producing quality content. The local news resolution (H.Res. 821) addresses the urgent need for Congress to prevent the further decline of local media outlets. Please click here to learn more about these bills.

Please be sure to register in advance for the meeting. You can click here to register, and then you will receive a confirmation email.

If you have not yet renewed your LDC membership, please do so by clicking here. Only members who have renewed their membership by March 31 will be eligible to vote for the first round of 2022 Candidates and Issues endorsement recommendations at the April 14 general meeting.

I look forward to seeing you soon!


Tracy Brog
Lamorinda Democratic Club President

February, 2022 Letter

Lamorinda Democratic Club Members and Friends,

Each February, as we celebrate Black History Month, we pay special tribute to the outstanding contributions and achievements of Black Americans.
In addition to acknowledging the most famous Black artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, scientists, athletes, politicians, and civil rights heroes, Black History Month is also an opportunity to recall the true and powerful stories of Black parents, teachers, grandparents, organizers, volunteers, and even children—who changed the course of history—even when we might never know their names. It is an occasion to appreciate their extraordinary roles in history and recognize that their bravery, resiliency, and relentless dedication to progress—in the face of struggle, adversity, and the ugly challenges of racism—continues to inspire.
LDC members and friends, thank you for helping elect the representatives and leaders at every level of government who understand the importance of strengthening civil rights, expanding opportunities, and celebrating diversity.
Tracy Brog
Lamorinda Democratic Club President


January, 2022 Letter

Lamorinda Democratic Club Members and Friends,
THANK YOU to those of you who have already joined or renewed your membership for 2022! If you haven’t yet done so, there are two easy ways to pay your 2022 annual dues:
  1. Go online: https://ldclub.org/join/
  2. Mail a check for $60 to:  Lamorinda Democratic Club, P.O. Box 31, Orinda, CA 94563

Questions about membership or getting more involved? Please contact LDC Membership Chair Mike Rusk at MEMBERSHIP@LDclub.orgAnnual dues should never be a barrier to Lamorinda Democratic Club membership. If you are a student or cannot manage the annual dues this year, please just reach out to Mike. All inquiries are confidential.

As you know, 2022 is another election year. Although LDC Precinct Organizers did not have a break because of the 2021 California gubernatorial recall,  the Precinct Organizing Team is amazingly dedicated, determined, and energetic, and will soon be prepping for 2022 Democratic voter outreach. Your membership dues are critical to the success of the LDC Precinct Organizing Project. They allow us to reach tens of thousands of Contra Costa voters, neighbor to neighbor. Your membership dues and donations pay for the nuts and bolts of the program: stamps, printing, and paper. We make every single dollar go a very long way, and each membership allows us to reach dozens of Democratic voters. The sooner you renew or join, the better and more efficiently we can engage, educate, and elect. Please join or renew today!
Wishing each of you good health, love, and joy in 2022,
Tracy Brog
Lamorinda Democratic Club President
Are you a Democratic candidate in 2022? Do you know someone running for office?
The Lamorinda Democratic Club is now accepting applications for candidate endorsement by the club. Please contact Craig Cheslog at endorsements@LDclub.org

December, 2021 Letter

Lamorinda Democratic Club Members and Friends,
I hope that you and your families have managed to stay healthy and safe through another roller coaster of a year and that you are able to enjoy the holiday season.
Thank you for staying involved in the Lamorinda Democratic Club through 2021: attending monthly zoom meetings, joining in Thursday morning “Coffee Club” get-togethers, contributing annual dues, and reaching out to voters as LDC Precinct Organizers. Your  participation ensured that we engaged, educated and elected Democrats – the mission of the Lamorinda Democratic Club.
Being part of the LDC team reminds us that the power of working together for the common good can deliver the optimism and energy we all need to fight weariness in the face of adversity. It allows us to see challenges as opportunities.
When faced with the California gubernatorial recall election in the fall, LDC precinct organizers and volunteers readied, rallied, and reached over 22,000 Democratic voters in Contra Costa County — producing Democratic voter turn-out numbers above 80% in most of the precincts in which our team had a presence.
2021 once again demonstrated the importance of staying connected, informed, flexible and creative. Although we would have liked to come together in person for our January general meeting, we will instead be hosting a Zoom “Open House,” like we did last year. Attendees from last year’s event enjoyed the virtual open house as a fun way to exchange ideas and get to know one another a bit better. I hope you will be able to join us on Thursday, January 13, for the first general meeting of 2022.
I look forward with hope and optimism to the possibilities of 2022— and reflect with gratitude on the opportunity to be a part of this terrific team. May the new year bring the good health, peace, energy, and the snow and rain 😉 that we need to keep going!
Best wishes,
Tracy Brog
Lamorinda Democratic Club President

November Letter

Lamorinda Democratic Club Members and Friends,

If the autumn of 2021 has taught us anything, it’s that “All politics are local” is ringing louder and truer than ever before.

From Virginia school board fights over false narratives about “Critical Race Theory,” to Texas legislative attacks on reproductive rights, local issues exploded onto the national scene and may likely have the staying power to drive the elections of 2022.

The Lamorinda Democratic Club has always recognized the power of LOCAL. We know the importance of understanding what’s happening in our neighborhoods, and harnessing the influence of our local members, organizers, and activists to affect change in, and well beyond our communities. And we know that our mission to “engage, educate, and elect Democrats” can make a positive, lasting change in the lives of our families, neighbors, and the friends we have yet to meet.

Please join us for the next, and last, LDC General meeting of 2021, when city council members from Concord, Lafayette, Moraga, Orinda, Pleasant Hill, and Walnut Creek will be presenting Adapting to Climate Change—a Local Update this Thursday, November 11, at 7 p.m. via Zoom. If you would like to receive a Zoom link, please send email to: webzoom@LDclub.org

How is climate change already affecting local city planning for housing, transportation, land-use and development, water, energy, traffic, local economy, emergency management? Our Thursday meeting will provide an opportunity to hear from local elected leaders about adaptation strategies, actions and ideas, and about some of the specific challenges our communities face.

Thank you to the following invited speakers for participating in what we hope will be just the first in a series of presentations dedicated to the topic:

  • Carlyn Obringer, Concord City Council
  • Carl Anduri, Lafayette City Council
  • Wei-Tai, Lafayette City Council
  • Teresa Onoda, Moraga Town Council
  • Amy Worth, Orinda City Council
  • Ken Carlson, Pleasant Hill City Council
  • Kevin Wilk, Walnut Creek City Council
  • Cindy Darling, Walnut Creek City Council

In this season of grace and giving, thank you to each and every member and friend of the Lamorinda Democratic Club for doing your part to respect and improve the lives of our neighbors—regardless of their immigration status, their race and ethnicity, how they’re employed, where they live, or who they love.

Thank you for your compassion, empathy, and understanding.

Thank you for listening to all sides of the argument, trusting science, and recognizing reason.

Thank you for being part of the LDC team, and for making a difference.

May the Veterans among you enjoy a peaceful Veterans Day. Thank you and your families for your service.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Tracy Brog
Lamorinda Democratic Club President

On the Calendar:
Time to Renew or Join!

The Lamorinda Democratic Club Membership 2022 Renewal Campaign begins officially on Tuesday, November 30, which also happens to be “Giving Tuesday!” Please remember the LDC when you are writing annual checks for your favorite non-profits! To join, renew, or donate, please click on this link, or you may mail a check to:

Lamorinda Democratic Club
P.O. Box 31
Orinda, CA 94563

Questions about membership? Contact LDC Membership Chair Mike Rusk at membership@LDclub.org

LDC Thursday Morning Coffee

Join us on the first and third Thursdays of the month at 10 a.m. for lively banter about the news and politics of the day! If you are new to the Club, or new to town, this is a particularly great way to meet some long-time members and friends of the LDC, as well as some LDC Board members.

We’d like to know what’s on your mind! Contact: membership@LDclub.org

How to Run a Political Campaign
The Democratic Party of Contra Costa County is offering two trainings this month: :

Contra Costa Democrats Connecting!

Join the Contra Costa Young Dems and the Lamorinda Democratic Club for a no-host get-together on Wednesday, December 15, 7-9 p.m.

Drop in at Headlands Brewing in Lafayette to meet new Dems or reconnect with friends!

3420 Mt. Diablo Blvd., Lafayette
Facebook Event Link: https://fb.me/e/1qfacSPtE

In Memoriam:

Our community will miss long-time Lamorinda Democratic Club member, Betty Karplus of Orinda, who passed away on September 22.

“What a wonderfully talented, generous, and energetic person she was!” from LDC Board Member Mary Ann Hoisington.

“A brilliant, and remarkable woman — modest, down-to-earth, and kind.” from LDC Board Member Valerie Sloven.

Betty was a World War II welder, a physicist, researcher, teacher, Orinda Citizen of the Year, a pioneer for the rights of students with disabilities, mother of seven, grandmother of sixteen, and great grandmother of sixteen! In her 70’s, Betty joined the Peace Corps and worked for two years in a home for handicapped children, in Jamaica. The obituary in the Orinda News included a photo of Betty in July 2021, painting a picnic table in Sequoia National Park—as part of a refurbishment project—her way of celebrating her 95th birthday. She was 96 years old. To those of you who were lucky enough to have called Betty a friend, our sincerest condolences. No doubt, her life well-lived will continue to inspire so many of us.