From May 13th Meeting / Prof. Henry E. Brady

Policy and Politics in America, 2021

Prof. Henry E. Brady, Dean & Professor of Political Science & Public Policy, UC Berkeley

From April 8th Meeting / Prof. Karen Musalo

Refugee & Asylum Protection: History, Trump Assault on System, Restoration

Prof. Karen Musalo, Professor and Chair in International Law, Director, CGRS UC Hastings

From March 11th Meeting / Prof. Stephen Woolpert

Stress Testing Our Democracy

Prof. Stephen Woolpert, Professor of Political Science, St Marys College of California

From February 11th Meeting / Cassidie Bates

Cassidie Bates, Advocacy Manager, Food Bank of Contra Costa & Solano

Related Legislation:

    • AB 396, as introduced, Gabriel. CalFresh: educational programs.
    • SB 108, as introduced, Hurtado. State Healthy Food Access Policy.
    • AB 221, as introduced, Santiago. Emergency food assistance. (urgency statute.)
    • SB 107, as introduced, Wiener. CalFresh.
    • SB 20, as introduced, Dodd. Student nutrition: eligibility for CalFresh benefits.
    • AB 368, Bonta, Medi-Cal